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Ebook: MTHFR, Preconception, and Pregnancy

Have you ever thought “Learning about MTHFR, preconception, and pregnancy is overwhelming... There is so much information out there, I don’t know where to start”. If you have, we have great news for you! We recently released our eBook “MTHFR, Preconception, and Pregnancy”. Where we cover all the basics of pregnancy and preconception related to MTHFR. If you are struggling to become pregnant our eBook can help you get back on the right track. We break down how MTHFR works and what you can do about it to improve your fertility and the health of your future child. We know it can be difficult when you are having fertility issues but we encourage you to never lose hope and never give up. There is so much to learn and so much that you can do to improve your situation.  You can get the ebook for FREE right now by signing up HERE (ADD LINK). What you’ll learn:
  1. Why is MTHFR important in preconception and pregnancy?
  2. Could MTHFR be the Reason for your Pregnancy Complications?
  3. The misinformation about MTHFR Gene in preconception & pregnancy
  4. Top 5 Action Steps for MTHFR in Preconception
  5. Risk of folic acid and excessive folate intake in Pregnancy
  6. Role of vitamin B12 in pregnancy related obesity
  7. Prenatal Folate and homocysteine affect children's IQ's
  8. Neural Tube Defects Linked to MTHFR & COMT Genes
  9. Endocrine Disruptors, Health & Fertility: How They're affecting you
(ADD LINK TO IMAGE) This ebook is a great resource for anyone who wants a quick and organized reference guide to our content — or are new to MTHFR and want to learn more. You can take what you learn and immediately start improving your fertility and future pregnancy outcome. We hope you enjoy the eBook and share it with your friends who are planning on having kids — everyone can benefit from taking action towards preconception and pregnancy!  
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