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Fertility Assessment Toolkit


The MTHFR Fertility (by MTHFR Support) Fertility Assessment Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to critically assess the following aspects of health as a part of preconception care planning.

This assessment may also be beneficial for couples who are trying to troubleshoot their barriers to successful fertility. 

This comprehensive eBook has over 60 pages of self assessment tools to enable you and your partner to do an in-depth analysis and uncover any elements such as; structural, hormonal, immune-mediated, genetic, nutritional deficiency or environmental - that may be standing in the way of you having the baby you’re longing for. 

The Fertility Assessment Toolkit is suitable for all couples including;

  • Those who are seeking a proactive preconception plan.
  • Those who have experienced miscarriage once or more times.
  • Those who are having unsuccessful IVF for unknown reasons.
  • Those who have been diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’.

    Package Size

    eBook - 70 Pages

    Key Features

    The MTHFR Fertility Assessment Toolkit enables couples to perform a detailed self-assessment in the following areas:

    • Section 1 - Structural Assessment
    • Section 2 - Hormonal Assessment
    • Section 3 - Immune System Assessment
    • Section 4 - Hidden Genetics Assessment
    • Section 5 - Fertility Nutrient Assessment
    • Section 6 - Environmental Assessment

    Use this guide to help uncover barriers to successful fertility and identify areas to explore, additional testing to consider and much more.


    Directions for Use

    Who is this toolkit for?

    The Fertility Assessment Toolkit is for all couples and covers both men and women’s health. 


    This guide is not intended to be a replacement for medical advice or care. Please ensure you are working with a health professional to support your individual needs.

    Additional Resources

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