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MTHFR Support Triple B12 Tricobalamin Lozenges

  • SUBLINGUAL B12 FOR MAXIMUM ABSORPTION | Uses a lozenge delivery system, allowing for two routes of absorption for vitamin B12. Directly through the oral mucosa, and protein binding from saliva helps carry the lozenge components to the GI tract.
  • SUPERIOR BIOAVAILABLE FORMS OF TRIPLE B12 | Uses a synergistic combination of the three forms of vitamin B12 - Methylcobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin, and Adenosylcobalamin, This combination offers superior potency as it is readily converted in the body to the active intracellular forms of B12.
  • SUPERIOR HEALTH BENEFITS | This superior source of B12 supports healthy development of brain cells and nerve tissue. This supplement also helps to regulate and promote healthy Homocysteine levels.
  • SAFETY AND QUALITY PROMISE | This gluten-free, product is made in the USA and goes through a multiple-stage quality assurance program to ensure potency, safety, integrity, and purity from field to finished product.
  • MADE WITH YOU IN MIND | At MTHFR Support, we develop high-quality products using advanced research and innovation that is exclusively geared towards what's best for you. Our continued innovation, development, and creation of products revolve around your experience and feedback, and we use only the finest high quality safe and natural ingredients in bringing you exactly what you need for a healthy pregnancy.