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Practitioner Training Series | MTHFR & Methylation: Webinar Recordings


We are excited to announce our practitioner webinar training series, centering around the foundational aspects of MTHFR and methylation. This three-part webinar series will cover all critical aspects of MTHFR and the complex methylation cycle, presented by naturopath and MTHFR specialist Carolyn Ledowsky. 

Why Foundational Training?

  • Does the bulk of the information presented out there for practitioners still go over your head?
  • Does doing your own reading leave you incredibly confused and lost for a concrete starting point?
  • Maybe you have recently heard and read about MTHFR, and are wanting to start supporting MTHFR patients within your practice?
  • You understand the effect it can have within the body, and realize it is something you should be aware of and addressing within your practice.
  • Perhaps you had have patient inquiries about MTHFR and methylation and what it means for them, but don't yet quite know enough to explain it confidently.
  • Have you come across patients that know more than you?

Having spent years compiling information and resources in order to master these genetic mutations, Carolyn understands the vital importance of first learning a factual and solid foundation when working in the complex world of MTHFR and methylation. We have created this webinar series in order to start with basics, and teach you from the ground up the importance of methylation and how MTHFR plays just a part in it. With this strong foundation, you are then able to comfortably work with MTHFR patients within your practice, making positive and confident changes to their health.

Webinar 1 – MTHFR: The Basics

This webinar will cover:

  • What is MTHFR?
  • What is the folate cycle?
  • How does it affect methylation and how does it affect health?
  • How do I explain this to my patients?
  • How do I read the results?
  • How do I take a thorough history, and what questions should I be asking that would give me a clue that MTHFR could be an issue?
  • What blood tests give me a clue?
  • What tests should I be recommending my patients to take?
  • What other factors do I have to consider?
  • Is it all about homocysteine?
  • The C677T vs A1298C MTHFR mutations.

Webinar 2 – The Methylation Cycle

This webinar will cover:

  • Exploring the other cycles that fit into the methylation cycle – methionine cycle, transulfuration cycle, tetrabiopterin cycle, urea cycle, krebs cycle
  • The CBS (Cystathione beta synthase ) gene and what you should know.
  • What are the effects of low homocysteine? Should we worry about it?
  • How does an altered CBS affect other areas of the methylation cycle?
  • Key issues within the urea cycle.
  • Key issues within the tetrabiopterin cycle. 

Webinar 3 – COMT/MAO/DAO/GAD: Mood/Anxiety/Behaviour

This webinar will cover: 

  • What are the key symptoms you would expect with COMT mutations
  • How does COMT affect oestrogen metabolism
  • How does COMT affect mood
  • How does Vitamin D affect COMT
  • What do you tackle first?
  • The basics of MAO, DAO and GAD


More Information

  • This series assumes no prior knowledge and will get you started in understanding and tackling inquiries in your practice about MTHFR and methylation.
  • This series will also help you in understanding other online learning avenues which assumes a greater knowledge of methylation principles.