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With the topic of vaccinations being so much in the media this year, its been a topic I constantly get asked about. What can I say? Do I tow the party line and say that they have to be given? Do I say there are exceptions? Do I say I don’t know? It’s a dilemma that I’m sure many practitioners have come across and its hard to know what the science says and truly be neutral when you give a recommendation. So I’ve decided to at least have a discussion about the science. What does the research tell us? Are there any genetic mutations in children where we should be cautious? Is there a way to still have the vaccinations but with a delayed schedule? What sensible information can we give our patients? How do we identify potential at risk babies and children? 

Customer comments

"Excellent informative seminar" Thank you so much CAROLYN for your excellent informative seminar! The seminar has given me a great depth understanding, practical guideline and also very much needed / updated research references to be digested with. It instantly equipped me to deal with vaccination related difficult topics and discussions with the parents who want to have informed choices.Totally agree with you that it is about time - beginning of the vaccinenomic / genomic era to have a series of scientific research and debate about the benefit vs side effects of universal vaccination program.Again thank you very much for your great research and perfect presentation! Warm Regards Jenny C Dear staff at MTHFRsupport, I'd like to thank Carolyn for such balanced, thorough and up to date information tonight. I think it's long overdue that people form both pro and anti vaccination groups realise there is a middle ground, with ideal personalised immunisation plans. Sadly the media like to persevere with creating division and ridiculing those who have well founded issues with vaccinations. Yours sincerely, Barbara H (GP)